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Charging ahead in creating more opportunities for EV drivers

Electric vehicles are well and truly hitting the road across Australia with the number of purchases tripling in 2021, with 20,665 electric vehicles sold compared to just 6,900 in 2020, according to the Electric Vehicle Council. Purchases aren’t looking like they’ll slow down either with the Electric Vehicles market in Australia projected to grow by 22.64% by 2027 (2022).

EV Vehicle Sales.png

Source: Statista. May 2022

EVs now represent 3.39% of all vehicle sales, a 65% increase on 2021 and the demand for electric cars will only go up from here with the government's $500 million national EV charging network investment.

As part of our efforts to contribute to the demand of Australians adoption of EV’s, we are working to extend our EV Charging capabilities. We are committed to facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles and we know that for those contemplating making the switch to an electric vehicle, an important consideration is the limited number of public charging facilities.  A 2021 Savvy survey found 17% of respondents were most concerned about charging station availability when making an EV purchase and 70% would like public charger numbers to catch up to EU levels in 5 years or less, proving that the accessibility of charging points could be a large restraint to EV market growth in Australia.

Offering public charging is particularly important for those who don’t have access to off-street parking, those in apartment buildings and don’t have the ability to charge whilst at home. There are also those concerned with the rise in energy bills, unable to use their home solar system to charge their EV or don’t have a home solar system.  By rolling out more chargers across the country,  owning an electric vehicle will be possible for more Australians.

To be ahead of the growth in demand Wilson Parking, is extending its EV Charging capabilities across its car park portfolio. With chargers available across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, Wilson Parking customers can charge their EV’s whilst at work, or during the evenings and weekends.

In October this year, Wilson Parking launched a trial with AGL to make electric vehicle chargers more accessible via public car parks in the Adelaide CBD as part of the South Australia Labor government’s EV Smart Charging Trials.

The $3.2 million trials, will drive smart charging solutions that contribute to a reliable, secure and affordable clean energy system to support EV adoption.

EV charging trials are an ongoing sustained effort for Wilson Parking. To find an EV Charging station close to where you want to go visit and enter your destination.