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Wilson Parking Card

Enable your frequent customers and staff to benefit from exclusive pricing and parking options

The Wilson Parking Card enables drivers to easily access the car park with just a tap of the card. Parking fees are calculated at a special parking member rate and paid monthly via invoice.

For Corporate Clients

Allow your staff to easily park at a number of car parks, making it easier to find the car park closest to where they are going.

Benefit from the convenience of a single account and preferential rates, making the burden of managaing parking easier for your staff and administration teams.

For Landlords and Property Owners

Provide a premium service to tenants and attract customers to your car parks by providing a more convenient way for customers to park. The convenience of seamless, touch-free parking and a post paid account makes it easier for customers to park with you.

Making it easier for customers and staff to park

Provide a touch-free experience, with entry and exit granted with just one tap of the Wilson Parking Card

Offer the flexibility for staff and customers to park at multiple sites, managed by a centralised account

Benefit from online administration access, making it easier to manage staff and fleet parking

To apply for a personal Wilson Parking Card, go to Wilson Parking Card

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