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Monthly Subscription

Allow regular customers and staff to easily park at their preferred car park


A Monthly Parking Subscription gives the convenience of a fixed price and designated parking at a specific car park.

For Corporate Clients

Provide designated parking and reserved bays to your staff. Now availalble through the Wilson Parking App, it is even easier for staff to manage their own acccount and profile details.

For Landlords and Property Owners

Provide efficiency to corporate clients and tenants by enabling them to provide designated parking and staff allocation management from a single account.

Consumer customers are able to access and manage their account via the Wilson Parking App, making it easier for them to upgrade to a Monthly Subscription and to create long term loyalty.

Deliver designated parking at a specific car park

Corporate clients benefit from designated bays available for their staff, customers and visitors

Choose from Reserved or Unreserved parking options at a specific car park

Manage parking via an online portal, allowing for changes in who has access to the bays

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