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Equipment Services

Wilson Parking adds value to your site by ensuring your parking equipment operates as it should, is integrated and delivers maximum benefit to your business and customers.


The experience at the car park barrier is often the first impression and last memory from customers of the car park, we are focused on making sure that the experirence at barrier or payment machine is seamless.

We can work with your existing provider or partner with a new equipment services provider to ensure all equipment is installed correctly and is regularly maintained.

Our experience enables us to offer market leading technology including the use of card on entry, number plate recognition or solutions to deliver a completly touch-free, windows-up experience.

Our software systems make sure your equipment, existing or new, is fully integrated in order to deliver efficient parking experiences and can provide the data needed for smooth payment, planning, accounting and reporting.

Fully integrated equipment

We manage the integration with your existing equipment supplier, or can partner with a new equipment provider to ensure the smooth operation of your car park.

Touch-free entry and exit

Combined with our software solutions we are able to deliver convenient touch-free parking solutions, including entry on card, mobile device or number plate recognition

Positive customer experience

With expert integration and management of the equipment, we ensure that the car park operates at an optimum level and delivers the best possible customer experience.

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Contact our team to receive more information on how Wilson Parking can help your business.