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Joining Forces for Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation is important to driving a more equitable Australia. We recognise that this is an ongoing journey which reminds us that, while generations of Australians have worked hard towards meaningful change, there is a lot more to do and future gains are likely to take just as much, if not more, effort.

Earlier this financial year, we launched our second Reconciliation Action Plan. This plan is effective across the Australian businesses of the Wilson Group and outlines how, as a Group we are taking decisive action towards reconciliation.

The Story of our Artwork

“Joining Forces” is the title of our artwork by Aunty Hazel Cowburn. The piece was created for our Reconciliation Action Plan, and represents our four spiritual groups represented by the meeting places - Wilson Parking, Wilson Security, Wilson Storage and Wilson Medic One.

The abstract people in this piece represent our employees creating enduring value. The spiritual energy of the spirit persons hold guidance and protection, a signature of Hazel’s Artwork.

Reconciliation Week

Our involvement with Reconciliation Week is a part of our journey. We use the time to refocus on the importance of reconciliation, to share and educate on culture.

Whilst our teams enjoy different events across our States and Territories, we will also come together to listen to guest speaker, Casey Ralph, CEO of the Kari Foundation. Casey will share with our teams all the work that the foundation does, how this links to reconciliation and why it's important for businesses like ours to support Indigenous organisations.

Each team will come together to listen to Casey and share an afternoon tea, supplied by local indigenous businesses, giving everyone the opportunity to continue the discussion on reconciliation.

For more details on Reconciliation Week and events in your area visit


Joining Forces by Aunty Hazel Cowburn.

This artwork has been designed for our second Reconciliation Action Plan, capturing the essence of our values and purpose it symbolises our commitment to unity.

To understand more about our commitment to reconciliation and the artwork created, read our Reconciliation Action Plan.