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Celebrating NAIDOC Week: For Our Elders

NAIDOC Week is an annual celebration in Australia that recognises and honours the diverse cultures, contributions, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The theme for this year's NAIDOC Week is "For Our Elders," celebrated from 2-9 July. It emphasises the importance and prominent place our Elders have played, and continue to play, in our communities and families across every generation.

NAIDOC Week presents us with an exceptional opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the wisdom, cultural knowledge, and guidance passed down by our Indigenous Elders. Their invaluable contributions have shaped our society and continue to shape the future of our nation.

As part of our ongoing dedication to inclusivity and creating a sense of belonging, we have organised a variety of events to honour and support our Indigenous Elders throughout the week. Among the activities, we are excited to host a live performance on 6 July. During this performance, we will pay tribute to the traditional custodians of the land, showcase the sounds of the Didgeridoo, take part in a quiz, and much more.

In addition, we will proudly display the National NAIDOC Week Poster throughout our car parks and offices.

Bobbi Lockyer, a proud Ngarluma, Kariyarra, Nyulnyul and Yawuru artist, is the winner of the prestigious National NAIDOC Week Poster Competition for 2023 with her entry, "For Our Elders."

“Where there is knowledge there are our Elders. Our Elders paved the pathways for us, taught us our knowledge, our history, they passed down their art, stories and wisdom. Our Elders are the foundation of our communities and role models for our children. With this poster I wanted to showcase how important our Elders are in passing down traditions and culture to our children and future.” said Bobbi.

Click here to download a copy of the poster or to learn more about the incredible Bobbi Lockyer and her artwork.

We pay our respects to the Elders we’ve lost and to those who continue fighting for us across all our Nations, and we pay homage to them.

In 2023, how will you celebrate For Our Elders?

For more details on NAIDOC week, please visit: naidoc.org.au