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Recognising National Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation is important to driving a more equitable Australia. We recognise that this is an ongoing journey which reminds us that, while generations of Australians have worked hard towards meaningful change, there is a lot more to do and future gains are likely to take just as much, if not more, effort.

That is why we continue to build on our own plans for reconciliation, striving forward to improve our employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, our engagement with local communities and our relationships with indigenous suppliers.

For the upcoming year we are excited to be launching the new Wilson Group Reconciliation Action Plan, to work with fabulous organisations such as The Torch to acquire and display new artwork across our car parks and offices, to continue to build education with our staff and continue to work with more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses.

Our involvement with Reconciliation Week is a key part of that journey. We use the time to refocus on the importance of reconciliation, to share and educate on culture and raise the profile of the week by using our car parks and digital tools to display the message.

Whilst our teams enjoy different events across our States and Territories, we will also come together to listen to guest speaker, Nick Eakin, GM of Campaign Sustainability at From the Heart.

Nick will provide education on the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the facts on what the referendum means for Australia. Helping our teams across the Wilson Group to make an informed choice of how they would vote.

During this session, we will also share stories of what reconciliation means to our team.

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