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Managing parking for the hybrid workforce

A flexible parking solution that caters to the needs of a hybrid workforce

Hybrid work is now the norm. Commuters are balancing work from home and days in the office – with almost 46% of employees working at least one day from home, compared to 13% in 2019. That means workers’ commuting and parking needs have changed too. The five-day-a-week car space isn’t needed anymore and more commuters are seeking the convenience of parking on the days that they come into the office. The challenge is: how to maximise parking allocation and maintain utilisation with a hybrid workforce. 

Enter, Shuffle, Wilson Parking’s corporate parking management solution.

The benefits of parking with Shuffle

By shuffling access to parking, businesses can easily allow staff members and visitors to share bays and park how and when they need it. It provides parking to more staff, while encouraging teams to work from the office.

Managed through an administration portal and delivered to your staff via an app, Shuffle makes parking easier for staff and visitors. It works alongside your physical car park environment to create an end-to-end solution, delivering a best-in-class parking experience that employees and guests will value.

Take control through the Administration Portal

The Shuffle Administration Portal gives complete control to parking managers, allowing them to efficiently manage staff and guest parking. This is done by:

  • Creating parking assignments and permissions, based on location, role or parker type
  • Allocating and managing on-demand parking
  • Overseeing parking access across multiple locations and teams in one platform

Within the Administration Portal, parking managers also have access to utilisation data via a quick-view dashboard. This gives them the ability to see detailed reports on capacity and usage data – sorted by location, date, team, role and parker type.

Say goodbye to lost cards and key fobs with the App

The Shuffle App makes it easy for staff to find and access parking in the palm of their hand. This eliminates the need for physical cards or key fobs, which can be easily forgotten or lost.

While different types of parkers, such as ‘on-demand’ and ‘assigned’ have specific needs, the App benefits both.

Through the App, on-demand parkers are able to find and book parking for the days they will visit the office. It also allows them to:

  • See overflow public parking options (if required)
  • Manage their account and parking profile
  • Get in-app support
  • Access to the car park on arrival

Assigned parkers, who don’t need to book, can manage their account through the App, as well as get support and easily access the car park on arrival.

Provide easy access and control with smart tech

Shuffle Access connects with existing access control to allow easy car park access for employees and guests alike. The ‘Windows-up’ Bluetooth with QR reader back-up technology allows parkers to access the car park through the app via the ‘Open Gate’ function. This removes the need for pass cards or key fobs. This handy feature can also control who enters the parking facility based on their parking assignments or bookings. Guests can use QR codes – sent via SMS to their phones – to enter, so they’re not required to download the app.

Day-to-day parking management at your fingertips

Shuffle helps organisations to manage their day-to-day parking allocation, whether in a public or privately owned car park. It gives them more control and flexibility, and allows parking to be shared across more staff – whilst using secure, easy-to-use technology to provide a better experience . Discover more about how Shuffle is simplifying business parking.