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The Commute has Changed

The new demands from commuters emerging from lockdown, the desire to have a combination of office and home working and the acceleration of digital technology have led to a new commute. It is unlikely that the commute and parking will ever be the same again. 

Through the largest network of off-street car parks in Australia, we have been able to combine our parking data, with external data on office occupancy and travel, combined with research into how people want to work to deliver a quick-read 5 Minute Insights into how the commute has changed.

These insights demonstrate new demands on parking and how parking providers need to rethink the products and services that we offer to allow for the new way that people want to work, shop and play. 

Our belief is that while people and organisations adjust to the new flexible working arrangements, parking shouldn’t be overlooked as one of the levers to attract office workers back into the CBD.

Wilson Parking CEO, Stephan Wuffli comments; 

“People are changing the way they commute, how they plan their trip, and how they pay for it. Commuters want parking that is easy, clean and convenient, and employers want flexible parking options to suit their new work practices. At Wilson Parking, we’re focusing on providing technology and incentives that fulfil those needs and which help entice commuters into the city.” 

For more information on the changed commute and to download our 5 Minute Insights go to our dedicated pages at