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Real time support with the Wilson Parking App

Help when you need it

Wilson Parking is commited to helping you do more with your day. We know your time is important and when something is not quite right with your parking experience, we want to rectify it so you can get on with your day as soon as possible.

In-app support in the Wilson Parking App

With in-app support, you can get the answer to your parking issue in real time and even submit a claim for refund of any unexpected charges directly from your phone.

To access the feature, the Wilson Parking App V2.4.8 or higher must be installed. Simply click support from the bottom menu options, answer a few questions about your parking experience, and our system works to find out what went wrong. If needed, a claim for refund can then be submitted, and our customer care team will have all they need to investigate the issue further. 

The Wilson Parking App - helping you do more with your day!


Superb user experience. Can rebook in less than 30 seconds. - Ryan, Wilson Parking Member

Download the Wilson Parking App and do more with your day.