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Be aware of scammers pretending to be Wilson Parking

Online attackers may attempt to gain your personal or financial information or exploit you for financial gain through phishing emails or text messages, made to appear to come from Wilson Parking. 

If you receive an email or text message of this nature, do not click on any links, delete the message and do not provide any personal details

If you ever have concerns as to the legitimacy of a text message, phone call or email from us, please call us on Wilson Parking’s publicly listed number.


Scams currently targeting Wilson Parking customers:

18 January, 2024

Wilson Parking has been made aware of a current email phishing campaign, claiming customers have been charged with a traffic violation and they are required to make a payment. 

Please see an example below

Scam-Email- Jan24.jpg

If you receive one of these emails, do not click on the links or provide any payment or personal information.


Updated 10 November, 2022

We are aware of a current SMS phishing campaign, pretending to be from Wilson Parking. The fraudulent messages prompt recipients to follow malicious links, claiming that they need to make payment or provide personal details.

Please see an example below.

DO NOT click on these links or provide any payment or personal information.