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Work Health Safety & Environment (WHSE) Policy

Wilson Parking is committed to providing a work environment which protects and promotes the health, safety and welfare of employees, contractors and customers.
Wilson Parking also recognises and accepts responsibility for protecting and enhancing the environment in which we operate.

To achieve this vision Wilson Parking is committed to:

  • Complying with all relevant WHSE Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Standards and Guidelines as well as internal Policies and Procedures;
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining the WHSE Management System to prevent and mitigate illness and injury in the workplace and safeguard against health and environmental risks by using hierarchy of controls;
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and levels of accountability for WHSE matters through the implementation of relevant Policies, Procedures and Safe Systems of Work;
  • Providing relevant WHSE information, instruction, training and supervision to all employees to ensure continued learning;
  • Providing a solid consultation framework to ensure all employees and relevant stakeholders have the opportunity to take an active role in achieving WHSE objectives;
  • Nurturing a culture which prioritises the importance of immediate identification and reporting of risks, hazards, incidents and near misses;
  • Fostering continuous improvement of the WHSE system and performance through monitoring, reviewing and updating where required all WHSE Practices, Policies and Procedures;
  • Integrating WHSE risk management principles into operational and strategic decision making processes and core planning activities across the whole business;
  • Protecting our environment through the identification of environmental aspects and impacts and prevention of pollution created as a result of Wilson Parking operations and services;
  • Utilising resources with consideration for the environmental impact, especially with regard to consumption of energy, water, consumables and chemical materials; and
  • Ensuring waste is disposed of using the waste management hierarchy of control. If necessary for compliance purposes, specialist qualified and licenced contractors shall be engaged for disposal of waste.

The Wilson Parking Senior Management Team is responsible for:

  • Providing adequate resources, direction, training and leadership to ensure effective management of WHSE issues;
  • Establishing, monitoring and reviewing measureable WHSE objectives and targets;
  • Establishing adequate Policies, Procedures and Safe Systems of Work and ensuring effective implementation;
  • Reviewing, analysing and reporting on relevant incident management data to measure and improve WHSE performance;
  • Ensuring up to date Work Health Safety WHSE information is readily accessible and effectively communicated to all employees and relevant stakeholders; and
  • Establishing a process for receiving and responding to relevant communication from external parties.

Wilson Parking Employees are responsible for:

  • Adhering to all WHSE Policies, Procedures and Safe Systems of Work;
  • Participating in any WHSE training, consultation processes and initiatives provided in the interests of health, safety and the environment;
  • Immediately reporting all hazards, near misses and incidents to management; and
  • Carrying out all duties in a manner which does not adversely affect their own health and safety and that of others

This Policy has the total support of the Senior Management Team who are responsible for ensuring commitments made herein are met.

All Wilson Parking employees and contractors must adhere to this, and associated Policies, and conduct themselves in a way which promotes positive WHSE performance.