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Pay by App

What is Pay by App with the Wilson Parking App?

Pay by App is the smart and easy way for you to pay for your parking. Access the best rates, avoid lining up at payment machines, fumbling with coins or underestimating your stay ever again!

The Wilson Parking App now supports the payment of parking sessions with your phone at our Pay & Display and Pay by Plate car parks.  These car parks are easily identified when you view the car park details in the app with the inclusion of a "Pay with your phone" rate section and a button to start your parking session.  

Use your phone's GPS, or scan the QR code on site with your phone camera to access the car park through the app, set your time and pay for your parking. Need to stay longer? No problem, you can easily extend through the app, without having to rush back to the car park! Get more info here

Accessing and updating account information

To change your account information, please select ‘Account’ in your app. From here you can access all your account information, including your profile, billing information, vehicle registration and parking history. You can update your acount information here. 

Yes, you can add as many vehicles as you like in the Wilson Parking App.

Just select the appropriate vehicle registration prior to starting your parking session. To add a new vehicle to your account, simply select "Add a different vehicle" when starting your session or select "Add another vehicle" from the Vehicles section in the Account menu.

To view past parking transactions, go to the Parking history section in the Account menu of the Wilson Parking App and select from past transactions. The transaction will display the details of your parking session.

Parking Sessions

The Wilson Parking App will automatically update the Parking Enforcement System with all active session details.  The Parking Enforcement officers will check your vehicle registration against your active app sessions.

This is why it is important to ensure you have added the correct vehicle registration for each session.

Because the Wilson Parking App requests you to prepay for each parking session, there is no need to stop your session.  The session will expire at the nominated time displayed in the active sessions section of the app.  If you need to extend your parking, you can add more time before your session expires.

Make sure to set your reminder notification period to receive a notification before your pre-paid session expires.

When you pay by app with the Wilson Parking App, we require that you select your total parking duration or pick one of our fixed time blocks.

Once you start your parking session, the app will start to countdown. We allow you to set up a notification that will provide you with convenient reminders of when your parking session is due to end. We also allow you the option to add additional time if you need to park longer.

Within the Wilson Parking App, we've introduced an 'Add more time' feature for "Pay with your phone" parking so that you no longer need to overestimate the duration of your stay.

Simply select your desired parking duration, if you are reaching the end of your parking session and you need to stay longer, select the session from the home screen and click the "Add more time" button.

Wilson Parking accepts payment via Apple Pay when you choose to pay with your phone at available car parks.

The easiest way to ensure you are in the correct car park is to make sure your location services are turned on when using the Wilson Parking App.  We will use the geocoordinates of the car park location to warn you if we don't think you're located in the correct car park.

Our car parks will also have clear signs with the name of the car park displayed on the rate boards and QR codes that can be scanned to open the app to the correct location.

Some of our car parks may have zones with different prices available within the Wilson Parking App.  Please ensure that you review the car park signs to ensure the zone you are parked in matches the zone displayed in the app.

Yes, you can have multiple parking sessions running at the same time.  This feature can be used to pay for parking sessions for friends or family at the same or different car parks.  You can also have multiple sessions running for the same vehicle at different car parks should you require to travel back and forth from one site to another.

Please ensure that the correct vehicle registration is used for each session. 

Using a promotional code

If you have a promo code that allows you to access specific products or receive a discount, you can add it to your account. During the parking product selection process, you will see the words "I have a promo code". Click this link to enter your promo code, then click apply. The promo code will automatically be applied to your account. Enter the code exactly as it was given to you.

If you have a promo code already loaded on your account, during the product selection process, tap the words "You have a promotion to use" Click on the promo code you want to apply and it will be applied to applicable products. 

You can also add another promo code in this section by entering the details in the "Enter a promo code" section.