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Online Booking

Take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts

  • Enjoy ticketless parking; no queueing at pay machines, just drive in and park,
  • Easily enter and exit the car park using your nominated credit card,
  • Save time and modify or amend your booking online up to 15 minutes before your entry time
  • If you’re a frequent parker, consider applying for a Wilson Parking Card (link) to save time on future bookings.

How does it work?

Our online system enables you to book and pay for your parking in advance at over 120 Wilson Parking locations across Australia. Booking your parking online gives you access to exclusive discounts and allows you to use your credit card or Wilson Parking Card (as long as you nominate which card during the booking process), as your entry and exit ticket to the car park. This would mean you wouldn’t have to queue at pay machines.

Booking online gives you peace of mind knowing that parking is sorted, so you can do more with your day, night or weekend.

I prepaid my spot the night before, all was easy and seamless. Recommend it
Sandra, Wilson Parking Member

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